CES Celebrates 25 Years of Environmental Scholarship

Memorial Day weekend at Brown was cause for celebration for the class of 2003 as they walked though the Van Winkel Gate, eager to turn their tassels and to step out into the world with diploma in hand.

At the Brown Center for Environmental Studies, the 2003 commencement marked the 25th anniversary of the Center and the continued excellence of its interdisciplinary program.

Thirty CES graduates from twelve years gathered in the Urban Environmental Lab on Friday evening before Campus Dance. Harold, Steve, Caroline, Kurt, and Patti all made an appearance and we all enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting some current undergrads. The CES table at Campus Dance
was a success as always. We gathered again for lunch on Saturday and had a chance to talk environmental-shop and watch a wonderful slide show of CES through the years.

Call for anniversary weekend photos

If anyone took photos over the anniversary celebration weekend, and would like to share them, please contact submissions@browncesalumni.org.


Click here to download a wonderful slideshow, compiled by Patti Caton, that showcases the evolution of Brown's Urban Environmental Laboratory and the CES program.

File is in Powerpoint.

It's LARGE (approx. 48 MB).

Download Slideshow