Join the Brown CES Online Alumni Network

Check back soon for the upcoming interactive online CES network. It's important to stick together and stay in touch. So we're attempting to launch an online network to help facilitate open communication amongst CES alumni. The success of this network will depend on everyone's level of participation. Therefore we urge each and everyone of you to sign up for the network and take advantage of the many talents within our community. Here are a few of the features that will help us stay in touch with old friends and connect with other ES alumni:

—Your personal profile fields: This will include contact details; current and past job information; links to affiliated schools, institutes, organizations; professional interests; and a field for personal updates.

—Searchability: Sift through the database to find CES alumni, based on various criteria.

—Message Boards: Post discussions, plan alumni events, interact.

The CES Alumni Network will bring you an interactive version of this, only with more features. Click here to see the "What CES Graduates Do" page on the CES website.